You’re in meeting with a potential client. You’re explaining your product or service and how it benefits them, but for some reason the client doesn’t convert and you walk away empty handed. Why can’t they see how perfect the solution is for them?

You’re not alone. Many of us fall into the trap of building a business from our point of view. We create wonderful products that will revolutionise the way our clients do business or live their lives and expect them to share our passion for this new idea. Unfortunately, this is usually a big mistake and whether in a pitch, advertising a free training online or sending out an email campaign for your new video course, you’re just not making those sales. Why? The answer is quite simple, yet easy to miss.

No matter how perfect your offer is, your client will not buy unless it connects to their journey. Click To Tweet

They won’t connect the dots for you. It is your job to communicate how your product or service can solve a problem and get them to where they want to go.

The following 7 steps provide a formula to connect you to your client’s journey so that you can increase conversion rates no matter the setting of your pitch. Follow the steps to give you insight into your client’s world as you learn how your offer solves a problem along their journey.

Step 1: What is your client’s particular challenge or goal?

Whether your potential client has approached you via a referral or you are creating an advertising campaign, he or she has a current challenge, problem or next level goal that your service is able to assist with.

So ask yourself, (or the client) what do they need help with now? What do they want to achieve? They are looking for a solution to a problem or a means to overcome a specific hurdle in their business. This challenge is usually a specific and immediate need for change. Something like “more clients now,” or “sales to a workshop event.”

This urgency drives the need for a quick solution that delivers a wide range of benefits very quickly.  While you don’t want to disappoint your new client, you know that their request will not necessarily deliver every item on their “wish list.” This is both a problem and an opportunity. The opportunity is that you now have the floor to explain your alternative solution that provides better results or long term gain.

The problem is that they didn’t ask for this more expensive product or service. How do you convince them to buy in depth product or program?

You need to understand your client’s journey. What are they trying to get away from, where do they want to go and how can you help them get there?

It all started with a feeling….

Step 2: What is your client’s “Fear Feeling?”

When your client thinks/talks about their challenge or goal, put yourself in their shoes. What are they feeling about this challenge? If they want to “gain more clients fast,” for example, they may be feeling anxious due to a lack of clients. This might compound into overwhelm or even a sense of failure.

This is your client’s “Fear Feeling.” An unpleasant, uneasy state that they want less of. This Fear can manifest in a multitude of different ways. It can be anything from unrest to scarcity to overwhelm and many more.

A common “fear feeling” among entrepreneurs is overwhelm, as running your own business can feel like a never ending to-do list. Understand the “fear feelings” that your client is experiencing around their challenge because that is what they really want you to solve. It is the starting point of your client’s journey.

Step 3: What is their desired outcome?

For every stick, there is a carrot. If the Fear Feeling is the stick they are trying to move away from, what is the carrot? What is the goal they are trying to achieve? For example, if your client feels the paralysing sensation of overwhelm, it is likely that they desperately seek a sense of calm and control. Similarly, a feeling a failure, seeks success, and scarcity seeks abundance.

This desired outcome is also known as a state of peace, a feeling that your potential client wants to move closer to. The journey from Fear to Peace is WHY they are talking to you. They want you to help them get closer to Peace and away from Fear.

If you want to convince your potential client that your product is worth their while you need to understand the beginning and end of this journey and then effectively communicate how your product or service becomes the path towards peace.

Step 4: How does your product or service get your client closer to their state of peace?

You already know what your program, service or product is about. You understand all of its benefits and why it works, but unless you make this offering a part of the journey from fear to peace, the client will not connect with it or understand how it will solve their problem.

So look at your existing offering and see which benefits, value notes and key take-outs will fit seamlessly into the above narrative. This means that instead of telling them all about your product, you are providing a solution to their problem, which is far more powerful.

Step 5: When they hear about your offer what do you want them to feel?

By now, you understand your client’s current state, where they want to be and how you propose to get them there. Your next challenge is to communicate your proposal in a way that gives them permission to take action. When they see you suggested solution they must connect to it and clearly see how it will get them closer to peace. Only then will they feel compelled to buy.

Consider the state of mind you want to elicit from your client. How do you want your client to feel as you outline your proposed solution? Energised? Excited? Comforted? Empowered?

You want them to be in a state that allows them to act on your proposed solution. What feeling will propel them to say, “Yes”?

Step 6: What objections do you anticipate from your client?

At this point, you’ve done a lot of the work to get your client from fear to peace. They are feeling poised to take action, but before they can, alarm bells start going off. They start worrying about things like price, time investment or even increased overwhelm.

It is vital that you pre-empt these objections. As part of your pitch, speak about how your solution is easy, simple, step-by-step and how they will recoup the financial investment. You need to acknowledge their objections and clearly explain how your solution will overcome them.

Reiterate big-ticket benefits and, if needed, sweeten the deal by including bonus service for free, if they buy today. Anything that gets them closer to the desired feeling that allows them to take action on your proposal.

Step 7: What action do you want them to take?

Critical in every pitch, proposal and even social media post is what you want your client to do next? Limit this action to one clear next step. Whether it is sign up for a Free Training, book a one-one-one session, buy your audio book or simply download a giveaway, be very clear on this next action that will convert the sale or get them closer to converting further down the funnel.

This formula provides a method to prepare your next meeting, developing an email campaign or designing your next social post. Commit to becoming a part of your client’s journey as you provide solutions to their challenges, help them achieve their goals and move from fear to peace.

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